Combinatorius — CSS and JavaScript concatenation tool

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Response Headers (JavaScript)

Generated URL:

Response Headers (CSS)

F5 refresh — sends generic cachable request.

Ctrl+F5 refresh — sends non-cacheble request.

Add file — adds new JavaScript or CSS file to directory tree.

Delete file — deletes JavaScript or CSS file from directory tree.

Modify file — modifies "jquery-ui.js" or "layout.css" file respectively.



Key features

  • — Combined files to reduce the number of HTTP requests by combining all scripts into a single script, and similarly combining all CSS into a single stylesheet.
  • — Local caching of the combined files for even better response times.
  • — Appropriate Expires and Cache-Control headers to help the browser with conditional requests.
  • — ETag support to determine whether the component in the browser's cache matches the one on the origin server.
  • — Gzip compression to reduce response times by reducing the size of the HTTP response.
  • — YUI Compressor support.
  • — Fingerprinting a.k.a static web resources versioning.
  • — Themes support (explicitly set via URL parameter or via cookies).
  • — Flexible directory structure support.
  • — Simple configuration, usage and deployment.



JSP tag

  • <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="cb" %>
    <cb:combo type="css" path="${path}">
      <jsp:attribute name="theme">blue</jsp:attribute>
      <jsp:attribute name="csv_resources">extra_css/extra1.css,extra_css/extra2.css</jsp:attribute>
    <cb:combo type="js" path="/combo/"></cb:combo>



Maven dependency

  • <dependency>